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Estonian Nature Tours has been a pioneer in developing nature and bird tourism throughout Estonia. We have more than 10 years experience in organising outstanding wildlife holidays in Estonia and the feedback from our clients has always been very positive. Short breaks are becoming increasingly popular and in response to the high demand for this type of holiday we are continuing to expand our programme.

Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) / Tiit Leito

Estonia is a small country with wonderful wildlife and a huge species list. Forests cover about 50% of the country and wetland habitats are well represented by over 1,400 lakes, numerous bogs and many rivers, which together comprise a wonderful mosaic of aquatic environments for a great diversity of wildlife. Many of the coastal areas were closed to the public during soviet occupation and remained untouched today. The 3,794 km of coastline is studded with over 1,500 islands and islets of varying sizes whilst the mainland is indented by numerous bays, straits, and inlets. This rich variety has drawn plants and animal species from both Siberia and also the warmer regions of southern Europe, with many species reaching their respective western or northern extremities of range within Estonia.




Total area of Estonian fens and bogs is about 140 000 ha / Mati Kose

Forest and woodlands cover almost half of the Estonian territory / Tiit Leito

Estonia is in naturally a multiple border country. Placed between a continental and a marine climate we have a temperate climate while across the whole of Estonia is a border between limestone and poorer sandstone rocks. In addition we are located at the southern border of the coniferous forest zone, but broad-leaved forest is also here as well as coastal cliffs, dunes, sand and stone beaches.

        European Beaver (Castor fiber) / Sven Zacek

Estonian forests are renowned in Europe for their healthy populations of mammals with around 700-800 Lynx, over 150 Wolves, 500-600 Brown Bears and almost 20,000 Beavers – tremendous numbers for such a small country. In all, sixty-four species of mammals have been recorded in Estonia including several European rarities, the most endagered examples being the European Mink, several species of dormouse and the Flying Squirrel.


Lady´s slipper (Cypripedium calceolus) / Remo Savisaar

Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica) / Tiit Leito


Estonia’s flora is comprised of about 1440 species of vascular plants, 550 species of mosses, 800 species of lichens and 3000 species of algae. 36 species of Orchids have been found in Estonia.


Swallowtail (Papilio machaon) / Remo Savisaar


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