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The Executive Manager of Estonian Nature Tours represented Estonia at a conference in Zambia

Estonian Nature Tours presented a report about Estonia and company’s contribution to the development of Estonia’s sustainable tourism in the 5th IIPT African Conference: Meeting the Challanges of Climate Change to Tourism in Africa and the Developing World. The international conference was taking place from May 15 to 20 in Lusaka - the capital of Zambia. The main organizer of the conference was IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism) in cooperation with UNWTO (United Nation’s World Tourism Organization).

Different “Best Practice” models from all around the world were presented in the conference to find solutions of mitigation the influence of climate change to tourism and to reduce poverty via promoting sustainable tourism. Among the most colourful presenters were Mr. Zoltan Somogyi, the Director General of UNWTO, Mrs. Catherine Namugala, the Minister of Tourism and Environment of Zambia, Mr. Ben Sherman, the President of Native Tourism Alliance, Mr. Jürgen Thomas Steinmetz, the President of World Travel Industry News and many others.

Nearly 440 delegates from 36 countries were participating in the Conference (incl. Africa, Asia, Europe, North-America and the Caribbean). Reports were presented in more than 20 different workshops. Ms. Marika Mann, the Executive Director of Estonian Nature Tours was giving a presentation in the workshop of Strategies for Marketing and Tourism Investments. The report was followed with great interest, while the final slide being the element of surprise, pointing out how important is the future cooperation between African and Northern European countries. In the nearest future the most content-rich reports will be published as a separate book with the financial support of UNWTO. The presentation about Estonia is among the chosen ones. See the presentation here...

The Zambians were offering exceptionally warm and friendly welcome. Mr. Rupiah B.Banda, President of Zambia, was the patron of the Conference. The Conference was also honoured by the presence of the first president of Zambia, Mr. Kenneth Kaunda, who began his address to the audience … with a song of freedom. See the video clip...

A separate outing to Livingstone was organized for th presenters to admire the power of the Victoria Falls. It was a great honour to participate in the Vioctoria Falls benediction ceremony, that was conducted by the elder of the local tribe Toka Leya. Some trees were also planted in corporate. See the video clip...

The conference was deciding, that the World needs more aggressive changeover to sustainable energy sources and more progressive waste management, also responsible management plans in vulnerable areas, as coasts, wetlands and mountain areas. For the first time it was decided, that inculcation of fair trading in tourism industry is indispensable (sustainable is not cheap!) and that media can help to educate the travellers. It was pointed out that collaboration between separate Ministeries (tourism, transportation, agriculture, environment etc.) is extremely important. Read the Declaration here...

The invitation by the President of IIPT, Mr. Louis D’Amore to present a report in the Conference is so far the greatest appreciation to the company’s work.

IIPT (International Institute for Peace through Tourism) was founded in 1986 (the UN International Year of Peace) with the vision to develop tourism as the industry, which supports and promotes the standpoint, that each and every traveller is a potential “ambassador of peace”.  Nearly 5000 persons from more than 120 countries have shared their experience in regional and international conferences. Read more...

IIPT President Mr Louis D´Amore: We are pleased to advise you that our June newsletter reporting on the 5th IIPT African Conference is currently being distributed to more than 220,000 travel and tourism professionals throughout the world by our Media Partner eTurboNews.

You can access it directly at:

See the gallery...

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